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Get back 90% of rewatching and editing time with full creative control.
Find and discover impactful moments inside your videos, edit them as easy as editing text, resize them in seconds, get subtitles you can stylize, and publish everywhere.


Marketers and creators using Imaginario

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90% of video editing time is spent rewatching, subtitling and resizing long videos and libraries.
We are here to change that.

This tool is really amazing. It is saving us a ton of time finding exact moments and repurposing them for YouTube Shorts and TikTok. Not having to watch entire videos to find the right scenes is super useful"
Phil Ladvocat
Kids Brand Manager, Warner Bros Discovery
Imaginario can find in seconds exact moments inside interviews and b-roll content. It makes the process of finding precise content and editing videos much faster.
Stan Slavev
Video Creator and Entrepreneur, Pronet Interactive
As a busy agency, we love using Imaginario’s search function. It makes finding bite-sized snippets really easy and helps shine the light on our clients' inner genius. Absolutely love the ease of use.
Sally Curtis
Marketing Strategist, Podcaster and Mentor
Imaginario has been a game changer for us. We are able to provide more content for our customers and save time doing so! Previously we would get a transcript of the video and highlight sections to then send it to our video editor. Now we simply highlight and the snippets are created for us automatically.
Jennifer Neal
Marketer and business owner, Formula Done

How does it work?

Upload a video

We then transcribe it and analyze every single image. After transforming thousands of frames and speech elements into mathematical vectors, we make your videos searchable instantly.

Discover clips

Discover and find the best visual clips and quotes by speaker or topic. If you want to select clips manually you can do that by highlighting sentences on the transcript. It's easy as using Word.

Resize & subtitle

Use our magic aspect ratio resizer with motion tracking, edit and design your subtitles, add a logo and title if needed. Then download and publish your clips on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Ignite new ideas. Discover topics inside your recordings

Who has time to rewatch entire video recordings? Nobody. That's why our powerful AI brain shows you key topics inside your videos and then suggests the best quotes to spark new ideas.


Find quotes, objects, actions, people, text on screen and more

Our solution is not limited only to dialogue-driven videos like podcasts, virtual events and Zoom recordings. We use the latest video AI technology to find objects, actions, characters, text on screen, people, emotions and much more. No need to create metadata to make your videos searchable.


Edit videos and generate clips as easy as editing text

Every video is automatically transcribed making it readable and searchable. You can then highlight sentences to generate clips and collections.
Say goodbye to complicated editing tools and writing down timecodes.


Automatically resize and reframe with AI motion tracking

When repurposing your videos for TikTok, we use cutting edge AI to follow any person, object, character, anything you define. No more paying for editors to readjust every frame in your videos.


Create videos with a single click. Add subtitles and more

Use our video canvas to add and stylize your captions, add your branding and modify elements.


Integrated with all your favorite tools

Don't spend more time reuploading and pushing content to and from other tools.
Our integrations allow you to import and export content automatically directly from Imaginario's platform.

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Made to accelerate video creation

  • Accurate Scene Finder
    Find situations, shots, characters, emotions, text on screen and much more.

  • Discover topics for ideation
    Discover exact quotes by speaker and topic to find hidden gems inside your libraries.

  • Automate transcriptions and captions
    We transcribe automatically any video with dialogues. You can edit and stylize them.

  • Edit video as editing text
    Highlight the sentences you like in a video transcription to instantly generate clips.

  • Searchable transcripts
    We make every word said inside recordings searchable and easy to browse.

  • Resize with accurate motion tracking
    Instantly convert landspace videos (16:9) to square (1:1) and portrait (9:16) sizes.

  • Full creative control at lightspeed
    We provide clip recommendations and easy to use editing tools. You're 100% in control.

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