Search inside videos the way you think. No code required.

Make your video library searchable down to scene level with contextual AI. Then build and integrate video search and curation experiences in apps and websites without writing a line of code.


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Build and customize your own video search and curation experiences with powerful video AI and No Code tools. Embed them anywhere.

Imaginario can find in seconds exact moments inside interviews and b-roll content. It makes the process of finding precise content videos much faster.
Stan Slavev
Video Creator and Entrepreneur, Pronet Interactive
As a busy agency, we love using Imaginario’s search function. It makes finding bite-sized snippets really easy and helps shine the light on our clients' inner genius. Absolutely love the ease of use.
Sally Curtis
Marketing Strategist, Podcaster and Mentor
Imaginario has been a game changer for us. We are able to provide more content for our customers and save time doing so! Previously we would get a transcript of the video and highlight sections to then send it to our video editor. Now we simply highlight and the snippets are created for us automatically.
Jennifer Neal
Marketer and business owner, Formula Done

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How does it work?

Upload your video catalogue

We then transform thousands of frames and speech elements into mathematical representations, making your videos searchable instantly.

Search & Discover

Your users can then leverage contextual video AI to find the best moments. You can do this by integrating our easy-to-use API or...

Build your video experience

... build your own video user experience with our templates and UI builder. Hand-pick from templated user interfaces and features.

Easy-to-use APIs to enrich video search and discovery systems

Integrating imaginario's APIs is seamless and intuitive for any developer. In two steps, make your video catalogue searchable down to scene level. We can also train our AI for your specific needs.


Find quotes, objects, actions, people, text on screen and more

We use the latest video AI technology that understands content as people do. We find objects, actions, characters, text on screen, people, emotions and much more in a holistic way. No need for inaccurate time-based metadata to make your videos searchable.


Enable your users to discover the best in your videos

Our powerful AI brain shows you key topics inside your videos and then suggests the best quotes to spark new ideas. Let users choose their favourite parts and find content faster.


Analyze anything inside your video library

Our powerful video API clusters topics and visual scenes inside your videos without complex tagging and AI/ML training. Categorize content at scale like a creative team would do.


Embed your video search and curation experiences anywhere

Whether you use a popular website, internal tool builder or have an existing site, you can easily embed and customize Imaginario's video search and curation experiences. You can also pull your video content wherever it sits.

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Pick from AI Magic features to build your own video UX

  • Accurate scene finder
    Find people, emotions, objects, text on screen and more as a human would do.

  • Popular topics inside your videos
    Discover exact quotes by speaker and topic to find hidden gems inside your catalogue.

  • Automate transcriptions and captions
    Transcriptions for every video your make available to your users.

  • Edit video as editing text
    Highlight the sentences you like in a video transcription to instantly generate clips.

  • Searchable transcripts
    Make every word said inside recordings searchable and easy to browse.

  • Reformat long videos to all screen sizes
    Instantly convert landspace videos (16:9) to square (1:1) and portrait (9:16) sizes.

  • Full creative control at lightspeed
    Scene recommendations and easy to use AI tools. Your users are 100% in control.

Create your video search experience now