Your video recordings were
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Securely save, manage, search and repurpose all your videos in one single place
to produce more quality content faster and collaborate more effectively.


Why should your business use Imaginario?

How many videos do your teams record every month? Online meetings, product demos, online events... and the list goes on. With Imaginario you can securely save, manage, find and clip all your video content. This way everyone is on the same page. Always.

Repurpose your videos for social

With Imaginario you can repurpose your podcasts and long videos into engaging clips extending the life of your premium content. With Imaginario's in-video search tool and script-based editor, you can also accurately search for accompanying videos and images from your own library and social media channels.

Discover key words and topics

Find specific moments inside long video recordings and across entire libraries. Every video is automatically transcribed so the content is readable and accessible by default. We use the latest artificial intelligence models to find precise moments and phrases inside your content.

Onboarding and training

Save HR and management's time by repurposing internal videos into digestable on-demand clips and playlists for new and existing employees in your company. Edit and design townhalls and major announcements in minutes, not days by using our simple highlight text to edit tool.

Sales and product demos

Don't hold back your sales and business development teams from securing new deals because marketing and creative are taking too long! With Imaginario, everybody is able to quickly find the bits that work, edit-out those 'ehms' and create professional-grade videos in minutes.

Online events and webinars

Stop paying an agency or an editor to manually select the best moments to share with potential leads. Imaginario enables you to upload long videos, find key topics, and clip then in seconds to create impactful clips.

User research and troubleshooting

Interviewing and observing customers use your product are crucial in any startup and large technology company. With Imaginario you can clip and share the most important quotes and moments with your teams.

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