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Build your SEO optimized video search engine

It is likely your videos are sitting across a handful of social media accounts, cloud drives, Zoom, and other 3rd party platforms. Because of this your leads are not converting as they should. With Imaginario, you can customize your own video search engine and embed it on your website.

Find visual scenes and speaker quotes

Identify specific phrases, characters, actions, emotions and themes and combinations of those in seconds. Our search engine and discovery tools allow you to find key moments inside your videos and clip them easily. You can then export and edit them wherever you want.

Transform video snippets

Find and adapt any long recording into engaging clips. With Imaginario contextual video AI search engine paired up with our video transformation tools, you can accurately search for any content and create high quality compilations and reels for social media.

Edit long videos as easy as editing text

If you or your teams are new to editing, don't worry, Imaginario offers a tool that allows you to edit, cut, paste and highlight transcriptions to generate clips and create collections. No need for complicated editing tools.

AI tracking to resize and reframe videos

No more spending time on repurposing aspect ratios into landscape (16:9), square (1:1) and vertical (9:16) sizes and inputting manual trackers. Our AI resizes and follows people, characters, actions, objects and more.

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