Build your own video search and curation products without code

Building tech is slow and expensive. Create your own video search and curation experiences for your users or for internal teams without writing a single line of code.


Select from pre-built templates and hand-pick features

Forget about paying thousands of dollars and waiting months to developers to get video search and curation tools you need asap. Embed them anywhere without writing a single line of code.


Top feature: create clips as easy as editing text

Every video is automatically transcribed making it readable and searchable. You can then use our pre-built feature to highlight sentences to generate clips and collections. Build the editing tool you need. Say goodbye to complexity and writing down timecodes.


Automatically transform golden moments with AI tools

We use cutting edge AI to follow any person, object, character, and anything you define by simply typing a sentence. No more paying for editors to readjust every frame in your videos.


Integrated with tools and platforms

Don't spend more time reuploading and pushing content to and from other tools. Our integrations allow you to import and export content automatically directly from Imaginario's platform.

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Pick from AI Magic features to build your own video UX

  • Accurate Scene Finder (full app or API)
    Discover people, emotions, objects, text on screen as a human would do: holistically.

  • Discover topics (full app or API)
    Discover exact quotes by speaker and topic to find hidden gems inside your libraries.

  • Automate transcriptions and captions
    We transcribe automatically any video with dialogues. You can edit and stylize them.

  • Edit video as editing text
    Highlight the sentences you like in a video transcription to instantly generate clips.

  • Searchable transcripts
    We make every word said inside recordings searchable and easy to browse.

  • Reformat with accurate motion tracking
    Instantly convert landspace videos (16:9) to square (1:1) and portrait (9:16) sizes.

  • Full creative control at lightspeed
    We provide scene recommendations and easy to use AI tools. You're 100% in control.

Create your video search experience now