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Easy-to-use APIs to build video search and discovery systems

Easily add Imaginario's search API to your applications without building machine learning (ML) models and infrastructure from scratch. We can also train our AI for your specific needs.

Find objects, actions, people, text on screen, all in context

We use the latest video AI technology that understands content as people do. We find objects, actions, characters, text on screen, people, emotions and much more in a holistic way. Analyze thousands of videos within seconds, and augment human curation and review tasks with AI.

Active speaker, object and action detection for video resizing

No more spending time on repurposing aspect ratios into landscape (16:9), square (1:1) and vertical (9:16) sizes and inputting manual trackers. Our AI resizes and follows people, characters, actions, objects and more.

Contextual video advertising

Serve ads based on scene-level information around what’s being watched like products, actions, objects, brands, and more. Get more impressions and conversions by pairing them to ad insertion points within video streams (incl. IAB and age-approved categories).

Video Moderation & Brand Safety

Video companies need to be in control of their content before and after it is published across platforms. We offer a plug and play solution and API that allows legal and compliance teams to find unlicensed, inapropriate and age sensitive content.

Train your own models, fast

Customize the Imaginario API to serve your own specific needs. Simply train our model with your own video library and labels, instead of creating a model from scratch.

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