Video AI Assistants for search, curation and editing

Building tech and coordinating between teams is slow and expensive. Choose and customize dozens of video workflow assistants to do high quality work like your team would do it.

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Select from pre-built assistants and configure them to perform creative tasks

Forget about paying thousands of dollars for a dumb video MAM solution to then use separate editing systems and complex integrations.

Discover exact speaker quotes by topic inside your videos

Our powerful AI agents show you key topics inside your videos and then suggest the best quotes to spark new ideas.

Find objects, actions, people, text on screen, all in context

We use the latest video AI technology that understands content as people do. We find objects, actions, characters, text on screen, people, emotions and much more in a holistic way. No need for inaccurate, expensive and manual time-based metadata to make your videos searchable.

Automatically resize and track anything inside your videos

We use cutting edge AI to follow any person, object, character, and anything you define by simply typing a sentence. No more paying for editors to readjust every frame in your videos.

Integrated with tools and platforms

Don't spend more time reuploading and pushing content to and from other tools. Our integrations allow you to import and export content automatically directly from Imaginario's platform.

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Pick from AI Magic pre-built features to build your solutions

  • Auto resizing and AI-powered layout
    Instantly convert landspace videos (16:9) to square (1:1) and portrait (9:16) sizes with speakers always at the center of the screen.

  • Find anything inside your videos
    Find speakers, quotes, emotions, objects, actions, text on screen and more. Search inside videos as you think.

  • Automatic transcriptions and captions
    Transcriptions for every video your make.

  • Edit video as easy as editing text
    Highlight the sentences you like in a video transcription to instantly generate clips.

  • Search by keywords and topics
    Make every word and topic discussed inside videos searchable and easy to browse.

  • Full creative control at lightspeed
    Scene recommendations and easy to use AI tools. Your users are 100% in control.

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