Search inside videos across vision, sound and speech

Build and enrich your apps and workflows with the best video neural search app and API without any metadata and labels required. We understand intent, contextually rank results, and find absolutely anything inside your video libraries. No more inaccurate and complex search solutions.


Easy-to-use APIs to build video search and discovery systems

Easily add Imaginario's search API to your applications without building machine learning (ML) models and infrastructure from scratch. We can also train our AI for your specific needs.

Find objects, actions, people, text on screen, all in context

We use the latest video AI technology that understands content as people do. We find objects, actions, characters, text on screen, people, emotions and much more in a holistic way. No need for inaccurate, expensive and manual time-based metadata to make your videos searchable.

Discover exact speaker quotes by topic inside your videos

Our powerful AI brain shows you key topics inside your videos and then suggests the best quotes to spark new ideas. Let your users choose their favourite parts and find content faster.

Analyze anything inside your video library

Our powerful video API clusters topics and visual scenes at scale inside your video libraries without complex tagging and AI/ML training. Categorize content like a creative team would do.

Try the future of video search and transformation now